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To search Youtube from here - start entering some text. Or BYOU (bring your own URL) and hit GO.
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What is the best way to convert Youtube video to mp3?

  • STEP 1: copy Youtube video link (use the Share menu) and paste in search box, hit GO. No link? Use search box, just type something in..
  • STEP 2: site will scan the video page and show Youtube mp3 converter button. Press it and mp3 converter will start download soon.
  • STEP 3: in case you want video, we can help too. Fltvo online video converter can extract all sorts of media files from 500+ websites and networks.
  • Fltvo - strong tradition of online mp3 converter

    Great news, Flvto is back and it's eager to gain your trust. Just give it a try, we have great features, as direct Youtube video search, mp3 converter that works with multiple websites, not just Youtube; mp4 downloader that supports over 500 video sites; playlist 1 by 1 download for Youtube, Instagram, Soundcloud and other sites with playlists; top 20 most popular Youtube music videos; and there's many more things to reveal.. But we will just let you decide. One thing we don't have here is popups (adwall redirects). No sir, we keep things clean and our users - happy.

    Youtube to mp3 converter

    Flvto can convert Youtube video to mp3 in mere seconds. Use search function to locate your video or copy-paste special URL. Converter will make mp3 and download will begin shortly.

    Instagram mp3 converter

    Instagram has lots of great short music videos. They can all be downloaded as mp4 or converted to mp3, if you so desire. Our mp3 converter will include video thumbnail as album art.

    Download Facebook videos

    Facebook video downloader is a part of Fltvo. Download any video from Facebook with multiple quality options, formats, and even extract audio, which can be then converted to mp3 as well.

    Download OK & VK videos and two social networks from Russia have so much video and audio material, - it's just crazy.. Full series episodes, movies, music videos.. Download them all with ease here.

    Download Youtube video as mp3 and mp4 file

    As you know, Flvto is an old tradition of great Youtube to mp3 converter. Well, we have built up on that. Our mp3 converter can help you download Youtube music that is blocked in your country (geo-block), that is hideen due to copyrights and other bs they cite.. If you don't want mp3 but desire mp4 - watch out, there's a button for that too, opening up to 20-30 different methods to download the video. Our mp3s come out furnished with thumbnail as album art, and all the Artist name and Album IDv3 tags are filled in for your comfort. And finally our system can handle playlists like there's no tomorrow! Or is tomorrow? Well, the positive one.. Huge 100s of videos long playlists - easy, just give a URL, cause our search doesn't return playlists in results, so you'll have to hit Share button on playlist and Copy Link from there. Check it out, Fltvo is built for Youtube.

    Flvto offers free web app

    Add to Home Screen

    Click or tap anywhere here to install Flvto as web-app to your Android or Windows device. App will work best with Chrome or MS Edge browsers, although it may function well with some others. Firefox or Safari users - we're sorry, no app for you. Check it out, same design and functionality as website, this app will never need updates nor ask for signup or any fees. It's free, it's safe, it's the Flvto web-app supported by browsers!

    Quick return with Bookmark

    Download Mp4

    Drag and drop this button to your browser's bookmarks and head over to any page with video. There open your bookmarks and press the one you just saved - ours. You will be amazed at what happens next: new tab will openb with Flvto in it already working on getting the download links for the video you were just watching. And in seconds you'll be able to download it. This method helps you skip copy-paste for non-Youtube videos.